There is plenty of deep web information in military and commercial databases. While we can’t access military, we can access commercial databases with a subscription.

In the US, many libraries have licenses to allow their users to access these commercial databases for free!

Free resources can be found on our deep web search engines page.

Examples of commercial deep web databases:

  • Findlaw – all about law and court cases
  • Northern Light – Competitive intelligence, business analysis, product development, and technology research.
    • Intellus – Good Source for Background checks

Intelius - Public Records Information

    • Xrefer  — Fee based database of 236 titles and over 2.9 million entries.
    • LexisNexis — Billed as the world’s largest collection of public records, unpublished opinions, legal, news, and business information. Over 35,000 individual online sources. I’ve not been able to justify subscribing, so I don’t know.
    • Get Abstracts — Large online library of more than 8,000 business book summaries. It is the most efficient way to get the best business titles.
    • Forrester Research — An independent technology and market research company, publishing in-depth research reports on a variety of subjects.
    • Factiva — Online collection of about 10,000 individual sources.
    • US Search – Background checks and location service