There are several tools that should be used for Deep Web research. Each tool, like normal tools in a toolbox, has a specific use. You wouldn’t drive a nail in with a screwdriver would you?  Then why save you best online resources in you bookmarks?

Some great Deep Web Research Tools:

  • Source Deck – This is a critical yet simple tool. It is merely a spreadsheet of websites and offline resources. It does what browser bookmarks can’t – It also allows you to put in comments on each source you have, notes on how to use them, and the level of trust you have in them.
  • Zotero – a nifty plug-in to Firefox, designed to help save citation information for a thesis or other scholarly paper. But it is easily adapted to deep web research. There is also going to be a stand alone app coming out for it as well.  (note link goes to demo video on how to use this tool)
  • Maltego – a relationship mapping tool to help vet the authority of a website. So you can understand who wrote something. This is a complex tool, and not for an amatuer, you will have to invest 1-2 hours just learning how to use it.  But it may help you debunk and article by identifying authors who are not authorities.