Deep web is about seeking knowledge that can’t be indexed by scanning bots like Google, Yahoo, and the like.  Another angle on deep web is imagery. Raster images that cant’ be found via a search. However, there is now a way to find such images using reverse image look up.

Essentially, you upload the image you want to find the source of and click on the ‘reverse image search‘ button. §

Useful for:

  1. Verifying the identity of a person you meet online
  2. Photographers trying to find people using their copyrighted photos
  3. Identify if a rental is being listed on other sites illicitly
  4. Find products you want that you see on pinterest or other sites
  5. Track down artists whom you wish to find more of their art

Image Search engines

Social Catfish –

Google Image –

Tiny Eye –

Image Raider –

Small SEO Tools –


§ Disclosure – Social catfish is an advertiser on To be fair, we listed them as a good resource before they became an advertiser.