The realm of Deep Web and that of Open Source Intelligence overlap heavily. I won’t deny it (even with plausible denibility).

What is Open Source Intelligence aka OSInt?

For those who aren’t familiar with Open Source Intelligence, it is merely intelligence gathering from open third party sources.  Take for example a military analyst for Ghana, he has a limited budget and time. If he taps into newspapers and social media he can discover areas of interest and infrastructure information.

For example, if an NGO aid worker in Ghana, takes a day hike to a mountainous area and takes a picture of a bridge and a burned out police checkpoint nearby then uploads it to her webpage, it becomes open source intel. The military analyst could google and find this photo and date and update his files that 1) The bridge he thought was out of service is repaired and 2) the police checkpoint is now burned out and unmanned.

This photo could be useful to update files that a bridge is in disrepair.

If in Ghana you have thousands of of people with iphones posting hundreds of pictures on hundreds of websites, you can see that a large population of intelligence will be accumulated. At that level, not only is the intel forthcoming, but the refresh coefficient is high for some areas.

Our plan to help your OSint gathering.

While we don’t intend to offer websites of specific regions for OSINT, we will seek to find deep web resources to aid the search for such sites. Taking the 40,000′ view of the problem and pointing where to go to get a better look.

Excellent video on OSInt Data Collection

An excellent lecture on it by European Commission staff is here. And he’s got a great name. No matter what, he’s always Best.

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