Thursday I presented the first of a 3 part series on the use of Deep Web for finding leads for treasure hunters.  This will be made into instructional videos available online soon.

Part 1: Deep Web 101 -Basics of Deep Web, how to do good research, how to do Deep Web research, how to vet sources, and an example problem.

The main take aways are:

  • Deep Web is anywhere in the Internet where Bots can’t index
  • 90% won’t show up in Google.
  • Up to you to figure out what possible databases may have relevant materials
  • Some of your research will be off line in a library or collection

Part 2: Digging in the Deep Web – Will go back and show how to get the most of the Surface Web before delving more about Deep Web resources. At the end I’ll tease with some aerial photographic resources that can be used.

Part 3: Deep Web Aerial Photography – Covering the main resources for finding historic aerial photos, and then we’ll go deep into how to do remote sensing to find the footprint of houses long gone.  If time permits, we’ll cover aerial archeology to find other man man features.