Research – 99% don’t have a clue

This is about research. Before we even think about Deep Web research, we need to understand research itself.

Before we can go further, we must decide what type of research is to be done. Most people think research is about Googling a topic and they are done. While that does provide some useful, and even actionable data, it is an amatuerish approach to good research.

Gathering data on the scope of your problem

Research is about finding facts, vetting those facts, and drawing conclusions. It is also about looking for flaws in your own work, and fixing them.

Choose a research method

The two main methods of research are:

  • Scientific Method – for analysis of nature and its properties
  • Historical Method – for systematically investigating a topic

Normally I will be covering research about a person, business, or event. So I will be focusing on the historical method.