The following is an OSInt example of Israeli Telecom SIGInt capabilities. In this case the information source is a reporter for Al Jazeera. The telecom breech was in Lebanon.

How OSInt can work

From this open source news report, we can derive several things as a OSInt case study. Namely a good bit about Israeli telecom penetration of Lebanon, a little bit about Israeli operational security with its case officers, and a tad about Israeli recruiting intel assets.

Here is what is claimed:

A senior telecom engineer Rabaa, was approached by Israeli case officers posing with a front of a international recruiting organization in 2001. he may not have been aware of who he was working for to permit the Israeli intelligence to gather some useful HUMInt about Lebanese telecom capabilities. Note that the interview occurred in a neutral country

Rabaa was then probably converted to an intel asset for the Israelis but then failed a polygraph test, it is implied the Israelis gave up interest at this point in 2002.

Three years later Israeli intelligence approaches him again. The explanation of why is not provided. Perhaps he was promoted?